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(Credit: Wikimedia / Tore Sætre)


Listen to Bob Dylan and Neil Young duet for the first time, 1975


We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you the first musical meeting of Neil Young and Bob Dylan as they share the stage for the very first time.

Bob Dylan and Neil Young first became friends in the early 1970s, a meeting of creative minds who both pioneered similar music beliefs and held songwriting as the ultimate art. However, despite enjoying a close relationship, it took a number of years before the two artists would finally collaborate together; that moment arriving in the shape of a very special concert in 1975.

On March 23rd, 1975, Dylan and Young appeared on the same line-up at Bill Graham’s Students Need Athletics, Culture and Kicks (SNACK) show at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco and set their audiences alight with a sensational performance.

The event, which boasted a star-studded billing with the likes of folk legend Joan Baez, the trippy troubadours the Grateful Dead, Santana, Jefferson Starship and more, also brought Dylan and Young together for the first time.

Young, it’s safe to say, has never been shy to show his admiration for the freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, often referencing him as a direct influence on his own career. In fact, during an interview with Time in 2005, he said: “He’s the master,” when discussing Bob Dylan. “If I’d like to be anyone, it’s him. And he’s a great writer, true to his music and done what he feels is the right thing to do for years and years and years.”

Young added: “The guy has written some of the greatest poetry and put it to music in a way that it touched me, and other people have done that, but not so consistently or as intensely.”

Having shared a stage numerous times throughout their career, most notably last year when they co-headlined Hyde Park in London, the partnership was birthed with the one special show in San Francisco in 1975. The duo performs ‘Helpless’ and Dylan’s classic ‘Knockin’ Heaven’s Door’ for a rapturous audience who seemingly drink it all in with glee.

Listen to audio of that performance, below.