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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Bob Dylan shares new song 'I Contain Multitudes'


At least there has been one good thing to come out of the coronavirus lockdown, it has seemingly sparked a fire in Bob Dylan who has now shared his second new original song in years. Listen to ‘I Contain Multitudes’ below.

Dylan shares the new track following his 17-minute opus, ‘Murder Most Foul’. Like that song, Dylan has again referenced a plethora of cultural icons in the new track.

“I’m just like Anne Frank/Like Indiana Jones/And them British bad boys the Rolling Stones,” Dylan sings in his latest track ‘I Contain Multitudes’ as he takes a closer look at the world around him.

He also pays special attention to the legendary American writer, Edgar Allan Poe and British Romantic William Blake. It’s another breath of fresh air from Dylan who has shared his second original song in years.

‘Murder Most Foul’ was Dylan’s first new track in eight years and even earned the singer his first-ever Billboard number one. It has sparked hopes of a new album due out very soon.

Dylan’s last album was 2017’s Triplicate which featured American standards but with Dylan’s last original album arriving in 2012 with Tempest, we’re hoping there could be a new record on the way.

For now, listen to Bob Dylan’s new song ‘I Contain Multitudes’ below: