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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Bob Dylan lands first-ever Billboard number one with 'Murder Most Foul'


Bob Dylan has finally secured his first-ever number one single on any US Billboard chart with the surprise release of his new song ‘Murder Most Foul’.

The 17-minute epic track is currently riding high at the top of the Rock Digital Song Sales chart which, a meteoric rise which, remarkably, marks Dylan’s first number one song in the US under his own name on any Billboard chart.

According to Nielsen data, ‘Murder Most Foul’ sold 10,000 downloads between its release on March 27 and April 2.

There has been near misses when it comes to scoring a number one single in the US but Dylan has fallen short on a few occasions. Both ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ and ‘Rainy Day Women’ number 12 and number 35. On top of that, his single ‘Things Have Changed’ reached number two on the Adult Alternative Songs some 20 years ago.

Nick Cave recently wrote about his admiration for the track on his Red Hand Files, saying: “Many other people have also written in about Bob Dylan’s new song, ‘Murder Most Foul’ — and the interest is justifiable. It is a perplexing but beautiful song and, like many people, I have been extremely moved by it.”

The singer further reflects on the songs’ heart, “the assassination of JFK — a dark vortex that threatens to pull everything into it, just as it did in the USA back in 1963. Whirling around the incident Dylan weaves a litany of loved things — music mostly — that reach into the darkness, in deliverance.”

Cave continues, “As the song unfolds he throws down lifeline after lifeline, insistent and mantra-like, and we are lifted, at least momentarily, free of the event. Dylan’s relentless cascade of song references points to our potential as human beings to create beautiful things, even in the face of our own capacity for malevolence.”

The Aussie rocker suggests that ‘Murder Most Foul’ reminds us that all is not lost, as the song itself becomes a lifeline thrown into our current predicament.”

Stream the song, below.