Bob Dylan emailed Jack Savoretti unfinished lyrics for their new collaboration


Jack Savoretti has detailed the surreal moment that Bob Dylan emailed him some unfinished lyrics as part of their recent collaboration.

Savoretti, an English solo acoustic musician with five studio albums to his name, has found himself in the unique situation of working with Dylan on his new song ‘Touchy Situation’ which will feature on his forthcoming LP Singing to Strangers.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dylan, with countless of awards and hit records to his name, offered his assistance to Savoretti by emailing him some unfinished lyrics to work on. Speaking to the Daily Star, Savoretti explained: “It was very surreal and quite intimidating and terrifying,” when he received mail from Dylan.

Turning to his wife Jemma Powell, Savoretti recalled: “I was with my wife in the kitchen and she said: ‘Don’t f*** this up.’

“She said: ‘Yeah, not everyone gets Bob Dylan lyrics in their email, you better make this good.’

“And then I felt really pressured as, whatever I was doing to it, it sounded like a Dylan track, and I thought: ‘This is silly’ so I decided not to listen to anyone and make it my song.”

Savoretti will release his new album Singing to Strangers on 15 March, a record that is inspired by his Italian heritage. Working in Rome to make the album, Savoretti worked in The Brian Jones Town Massacre’s former studio to shoot the video for his new song ‘Candlelight’.

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