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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Bob Dylan becomes first artist with a top 40 album in each of the last six decades

It’s hard to deny that Bob Dylan has been an overarching influence on music since he arrived on the pop music scene in the sixties. But now we have the proof with his latest album Rough and Rowdy Ways.

The album debuted at number two and by once again delivered yet more records as Dylan broke into the charts and became one of the first artists in history to have a charting album across six different decades.

Of course, when Dylan first arrived in the music industry he quickly made a name for himself with his quick wit and clever lyrics, it saw eight of his records make the top 40. In the seventies, 14 more followed, in the eighties it was another seven, then four in the 1990s and seven more in the noughties.

After nine more charting albums in the 2010’s Dylan completed his feat with the release of Rough and Rowdy Ways this year. The singer may be the first to score the impressive stat but he may not be the last.

The new record comes complete with one of Bob Dylan’s finest songs of his entire career, the meandering and marauding masterpiece ‘Murder Most Foul’, which clocks in at 17 minutes and was a clear indication that Dylan was back to his best.

You can listen to ‘Murder Most Foul’ below.