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(Credit: YouTube/Wikimedia)


Revisit rare audio of Bob Dylan and Bette Midler singing 'You Really Got A Hold On Me'


In a bid to fill the void left by live music amid the current social distancing measures, we’re revisiting rare audio tapes of Bob Dylan and Bette Midler working together in the studio back in 1975. Here, we’ve unearthed an outtake featuring the duo jamming on ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’.

The initial plan for their time in the studio was for Midler and Dylan to record their rendition of ‘Buckets of Rain’, a duet which would ultimately feature on Midler’ third studio album Songs for the New Depression.

As pointed out during the larger recording, Midler seemed a little hesitant at first, telling Dylan: “I can’t sing ‘I ain’t no monkey,” before he manages to gently persuade her to take part. However, with Moogy Klingman backing them up on the piano, the duo soon settles into their rhythm.

‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’, originally written by Smokey Robinson and became a major hit in 1962, remains today as one of Robinson and The Miracles’ most well-known songs. While The Beatles put their own spin on the song in the years that followed its release, we have decided to focus on this raw clip of Dylan and Midler.

The audio of their take on ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’ opens up with Dylan saying: “We’ll do that one, I like that song. Yeah, I’ll sing with you.”

Midler, clearly excited about Dylan’s forthcoming approach, replied: “Oh you will?! How does it go again?” After a little stumbling over the words initially, they role straight into their unique cover.

Enjoy the audio, below.

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