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The Bob Dylan album Quentin Tarantino called a "masterpiece"

Quentin Tarantino has always maintained a close relationship with music while conceptualising his cinematic spectacles. Starting with Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino’s soundtrack selections often garner widespread acclaim from critics as well as fans who claim that the director’s use of music fits perfectly with his artistic vision.

Many iconic musicians are huge fans of Tarantino’s films too, including bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. In fact, Kurt Cobain was so mesmerised by Reservoir Dogs that he thanked Tarantino in one of his works which the director acknowledged in an online conversation and claimed that Cobain’s tribute was one of his fondest memories.

Tarantino is a major influence on popular culture, which is why his opinions about movies, music and TV shows are always sought out by fans. For a feature, the American director was asked to name some of his favourite records of all time and he picked out Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks as his top preference while talking about other artists such as Elvis Presley.

“This is my favourite album ever,” Tarantino revealed, explaining his personal connection to the music of Bob Dylan. “I spent the end of my teenage years and my early twenties listening to old music – rockabilly music, stuff like that. Then I discovered folk music when I was 25, and that led me to Dylan.”

Claiming that this was Dylan’s best work, Tarantino added: “He totally blew me away with this. It’s like the great album from the second period, y’know? He did that first run of albums in the ’60s, then he started doing his less troublesome albums – and out of that comes Blood On The Tracks. It’s his masterpiece.”

Talking about the album, Tarantino also mentioned that ‘Tangled Up in Blue’ from Blood on the Tracks was his favourite song of all time because “the lyrics are ambiguous you can actually write the song yourself”. The director felt as if Dylan was having fun with audiences, inviting them to interpret it any way they wanted to.

Tarantino has also expressed his admiration for the pioneering work of Bob Dylan on other occasions. Comparing him to the French New Wave auteur Jean-Luc Godard, Tarantino once claimed that Godard was the Bob Dylan of cinema since both of them revolutionised their respective art forms with similar creative bursts.

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