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(Credit: Blur)


Blur - There Are Too Many Of Us


Since the announcement of a new album Magic Whip and their imminent return to the big stage via their BST Hyde Park gig in the summer we have all been waiting for some new music to get our teeth stuck in to. Lucky old us then, we have ‘There Are Too Many Of Us’, our Track of the Day.

Albarn and Co. have been working aay at some new music for the last few months and this track proves that it was some time well spent. The Britpop and lad-rock sounds of old have disappeared and the maturity of the band is now starting to shine through.

The song progresses like a Soviet cartoon, endlessly trudging along to post-industrial guitar and the deepening meaning of the title begins to strike through the song with every utterance of Albarn’s vocal. The song tackles a lot of sticky themes including over-population, religion and our conformity all with complete simplicity. It’s a hark back to the Coxon and Albarn collaboration which changed the 90’s.

It’s a return to Blur as a band but it is a progressive song which has clearly moved themselves along and hints at their individual maturity and their new collectively cultured artistry.

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