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Blur Release 'My Terracotta Heart'


Since their reformation plans came to the fore we have been treated, almost weekly, to new songs from Blur‘s forthcoming new album The Magic Whip. They have ranged from chunky chords to dark and synthy beauties.

‘My Terracotta Heart’ lands more on the latter but does so with a plush and meaningful aplomb. Albarn and Coxon are at their creative best making a haunting and modern piece which has the guile of a band no longer bound by the need for success.

There’s a feeling surrounding Blur currently that they are doing this all for the love of the industry, which in the world of big-money reunions is a very pleasing thing to see. More importantly though, it’s a very pleasing thing to hear and ‘My Terracotta Heart’ proves it.

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Jack Whatley