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(Credit: Bloxx)


Bloxx share details for new EP 'Pop Culture Radio'


UK indie rockers Bloxx have announced details for their upcoming EP Pop Culture Radio.

Talking about the EP’s second single ‘Magnet’, band leader Fee Booth explains: “Other than having the best bass riff I ever wrote, ‘Magnet’ is a bit of a juxtaposition. It tackles both the opposite attraction of magnets (South to North Pole) and the way the same two poles will repel against each other. It’s about being always ‘pulled’ apart by someone and the way you clash, but always want to keep trying.”

Most of the sources I’ve read love to call Bloxx “indie pop”. I don’t know if that’s because the band themselves describe their music with that genre tag or not, but from what I’ve heard, I just don’t hear it. It feels much closer to alternative rock or indie rock, but then again genre signifiers are, by and large, nebulous and meaningless, so it’s not really worth getting in a twist over.

Anyway, the band certainly know their way around a pop hook, but they also have a predilection towards energetic drums and distorted guitars. The keyboards are bright and loud, usually used as much for texture and soundscapes as they are for melodies. Before today, I had never heard a Bloxx song, but after listening to their relatively modest discography, I’m really digging the band’s sound. They seem laser-focused on keeping their songs centred around melody, excitement, and propulsive drive, and I’m totally into it. The band doesn’t have a dud of any kind yet, and I would put money on Pop Culture Radio continuing their hot streak.

Check out the audio for two of the album’s cuts, ‘Everything I’ve Ever Learned’ and ‘Magnet’, down below. The Pop Culture Radio EP is set to be released on July 26.

Pop Culture Radio tracklisting:

  1. Everything I’ve Ever Learned
  2. Magnet
  3. Pop Culture Radio
  4. 4Emily