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Blood Sister - Dysphoria


Isolation, grief, melancholy, depression, discontent, abuse, loneliness, drug induced psychosis, anxiety, indifference, restlessness, addiction, broken hearts, blackened souls, confusion, hallucinations, tragedy, silent screams, slippery slopes, knife edges and overdoses.

From the depths of a traumatized subconscious, the Far Out Track of the Day comes crawling cut kneed and torn, dying for deliverance, drenched in Dysphoria… a state of mind encapsulated magnificently by San Francisco outfit Blood Sister in their tune that not only shares the same title of a malicious mental state but, with warped synth tones,  tinted shades of shoe gaze and sharp punk shrapnel deftly portrays the debilitating and disorderly thought processes of a close-to-broke individual.

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The re-  incarnation of former Ganglians and Night Manager members, Blood Sister are  blending all the glory of their former band’s sounds (can we hear shades of the Night Manger’s Blue Jagstang?) but have added a wicked sense of the macabre to the mix, both auditory and visually, as Track of the Day Dysphoria morphs into more of a provocative experience than a song, especially when coupled with it’s harrowing video.

Admittedly this won’t be to everyone’s taste but it is to ours, and if you don’t mind going a little bit darker (and in a sense erotic) then check out ‘Why Would You’, one of Blood Sisters’ earlier efforts that features footage from German film Der Fan.