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Blood Red Shoes share new single 'A Little Love'

Blood Red Shoes - 'A Little Love'

Brighton indie-rock duo Blood Red Shoes have released a new single, the hard-hitting and devilishly dark ‘A Little Love’.

‘A Little Love’ is the first non-collaborative song from band members Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansel since 2020’s Alternate Versions EP, which saw the band remixing material from 2019’s wonderful Get Tragic.

With grungy detuned guitars and a vocal performance that sounds like it was broadcast from the dingiest radio station in hell, ‘A Little Love’ is a pummeling and rollicking slice of rock and roll. Ditching the mysterious ambience of last year’s ‘Back From the Dead’ and ‘Watch Me Burn’, ‘A Little Love’ restores the punky, fuzz-driven energy that the band burst out with on 2008’s Box of Secrets and remained in place all the up to songs like ‘Mexican Dress’ and ‘Vertigo’.

Other than the occasional heady and doomy imagery, like chasing shadows and nailing crosses to metal slates, the lyrics to ‘A Little Love’ could read as a fairly straightforward, strangely amorous love song. But nothing is quite as it seems.

“Like the rest of the planet, we are hooked on murder podcasts and Netflix docs about serial killers and psychopaths, and love thinking about mindset of the entitled stalker who is convinced a person loves and needs them, when that person doesn’t even know who they are,” the band explain.

Now, the noir-like darkness and unnerving sense of displacement make a lot more sense. Blood Red Shoes, from their name to their sound to their aesthetic, were never going to be able to pull off a standard love song, and the twisted genesis of a song like ‘A Little Love’ proves that they’re all the better for it. Why fade into the crowd when you can stand out with punishing riffs and songs with creepy origin stories?

Check out the audio for ‘A Little Love’ down below.