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Blood Orange sets release date for new album 'Negro Swan'

Blood Orange, AKA Dev Hynes, has confirmed that the new album is complete and has now confirmed the title of his 4th LP will be Negro Swan and out on August 24th. The ever-hard-working Hynes previously announced the album with a visual teaser and we are very damn excited.

The visual has a snippet of music attached, which is naturally as luxurious as fur rug, with the succinct message “album 4 is ready”. It comes after sharing a post in March which said “Be Right Back” which in turn, followed October’s message that the album was “78% done”.

In October he said, “A lot of the new songs on the new album deal with growing up and childhood in England…. Looking at the country that made me.” He added, “If Freetown was delving into my parents from my eyes, being younger and now, this one is definitely me looking at my younger self, growing up in that setting. So yeah, it’s a little dark.”

But now we have full confirmation of the new album and Hynes said in a statement “My newest album is an exploration into my own and many types of black depression, an honest look at the corners of black existence, and the ongoing anxieties of queer/people of colour,”

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“A reach back into childhood and modern traumas, and the things we do to get through it all. The underlying thread through each piece on the album is the idea of hope, and the lights we can try to turn on within ourselves with a hopefully positive outcome of helping others out of their darkness.”

Negro Swan will be out on August 24th via Domino.