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(Credit: Dev Hynes)

Blood Orange opens up about Mac Miller's death in 'Smoke' Remix


With his album put to bed, and likely to feature in a whole host of end of year lists, thoughts for Dev Hynes, AKA Blood Orange are turned to something far more personal – the death of his friend and collaborator Mac Miller.

Dev chose, the way any true artist does, to use his art as a way to move through some part of the grief he’s suffered with ever since the untimely death of his friend, rapper, Mac Miller. He chose to add a sombre remix of his Negro Swan track ‘Smoke’ to his catalogue.

The remix finds Dev Hynes rapping about losing Mac Miller, who died in September. “I couldn’t even prepare for the loss/What could I do but cry,” he says. “RIP my boy Mac.” With the help of Yves Tumor and Ian Isiah he creates an entirely new prospect and vision for the song.

Take a listen below.