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Blondie’s Debbie Harry announces first-ever memoir 'Face It'

Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie, has announced her first ever memoir and it has been entitled Face It.

The book, scheduled to be released October 1st through publisher Harper Collins, will consist of 304 pages detailing her rise from the beginning of New York status.

“I didn’t want to [write it], but I did,” the 73-year-old Harry said in a statement. “If Face It appeals to people then I will get to telling more of the anecdotal bits of the story of Blondie – like the time I met Rita Hayworth and Penny Singleton backstage at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles… I have led a very full life and couldn’t possibly cover everything in just one volume.”

She added: “It’s such a long period of time, and there’s so much to tell, that I couldn’t really isolate a lot of little stories and events,” she said. “It’s an overview of the way we got through and maintained and continued and carried on through all that time from my sort of warped little perspective.”

The book will include previously unseen photos, fan art, first-person essays by Harry and interviews from journalist Sylvie Simmons. The memoir details Blondie’s New Wave rise and, at times, include Harry’s film career and other surprising situations which occurred in the ’70s.

Publishers Harper Collins explained: “Peppered with colourful characters, Face It features everyone from bands Blondie came up with on the 1970s music scene—The Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop and David Bowie—to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marina Abramović and H.R. Giger of Alien fame.

“It explores her successful acting career (she has starred in over 30 film roles including David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and John Waters’ Hairspray), her weekends with William S. Burroughs and her attempted abduction by serial killer Ted Bundy. Ranging from the hardscrabble grit and grime of the early New York City years to times of glorious commercial success, interrupted by a plunge into heroin addiction, the near-death of partner Chris Stein, a heart-wrenching bankruptcy and Blondie’s break up as a band, an amazing solo career and then a stunning return with Blondie, this is a cinematic story of an artist who has always set her own path.”