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Blondie and The Damned set to tour America

Seminal punk outfit Blondie have announced an upcoming US tour with fellow rock pioneers The Damned. Their ten-day stint will boast a selection of performances at Boston, New York, Nashville, and Chicago. Blondie has a number of UK dates planned and are set to appear opposite Morrissey, Bauhaus, and DEVO at Pasadena’s Cruel World Fest. 

Blondie will perform in Glasgow on April 22nd and will continue touring across the island for a series of shows. The tour comes three years after Debbie Harry’s memoirs Face It, which allowed the singer to express her memories and truths with unvarnished abandon and prose. 

“Well, sure I do because these are things that I’ve read from other artists,” she said. “For a while not recently, but years ago, I used to always read biographies and autobiographies in particular. I remember one in particular with Doris Day. Here you think of this mega star, movie star, big band singer, Hollywood, and she had her ass kicked and she kept performing. The story was so moving and it is inspiring. I know I was definitely inspired by that.”

Blondie was formed in 1974, bolstered by the engine that was punk rock. They were eager to capture the moment with a collection of fierily produced tunes that allowed Harry and guitarist Chris Stein the chance to demonstrate their kaleidoscopic opinion of the world at large. Some of their notable hits include ‘One Way or Another’, ‘The Tide is High’, ‘Denis’,’Hanging on the Telephone’ and ‘Sunday Girl’. 

The band broke up during the 1980s but reformed in the 1990s to unveil ‘Maria’, a probing rock number penned by keyboardist Jimmy Destri. The tune featured on No Exit and has remained an integral part of their live set ever since. Incidentally, Destri left the band in 2011, but Harry and Stein continue to front Blondie, effectively as a duo. 

Blondie will begin their stint of shows with The Damned on May 17th, where they will play in San Francisco. The two bands will go on to play concerts in Washington and Chicago, as well as other junctures across the country.