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Bloc Party drop new single 'Sex Magik'

Bloc Party - 'Sex Magik'

English rock band Bloc Party are at it again with a house-inspired single, ‘Sex Magik’, which is the third single they’ve released to promote their upcoming sixth studio album, ‘Alpha Games’.

‘Sex Magik’, which follows January’s ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ and 2021’s ‘Traps’, leans into a mesmerising swirl of familiar sounds that the band hasn’t shied away from before. Even with some of their most popular songs to date taking on a more indie-rock driven air a la Two Door Cinema Club and The Temper Trap, this new single is bassy, dancy, and just a little vintage.

Although this single might not sound exactly like their older material, the evolution is no doubt positive. In fact, this album is shaping up to be yet another evidence of their place as pioneers of the ’80s new wave revival, which many other artists have hopped onto — like MGMT with their 2018 comeback album Little Dark Age.

The strong bass, minor tones, and synth notes of ‘Sex Magik’ speak of contemporaries like Depeche Mode and OMD — which might be a new trend to some, but definitely not to Bloc Party, who have been incorporating these elements into their music for years now. 

However, even with these familiar elements, Bloc Party still manages to take the ’80s inspiration into slightly uncharted territory with ‘Sex Magik’ by going for a soaring chorus with strong vocals and clear, sparkly synth. The song arches into a callback of some slightly more radio-pop inspiration while still keeping things complex, which is a tricky balance to strike for any act. However, Kele Okereke and crew are long experienced in finding unique sounds that work for their flow, so success in this endeavour is unsurprising.

Although some might tire of the repetition of the intro lyrics: “Earth earth, air air, fire fire, water water,” they tie into a lyrical consistency. The chorus echoes, “Find your root, find your core. Then go clear like the air in our lungs. Ask the earth for resolve, ossify, like the marrow in our bones.”

This moveable, catchy song is a solid addition to their new album’s teasers. If one thing’s for sure, it serves to get listeners excited for the full release on April 29 of this year.

Listen to their new single, ‘Sex Magik’ here.