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Bleachers release new video for 'Stop Making This Hurt'

Bleachers - 'Stop Making This Hurt'

American indie rock band Bleachers, which is really just producer and songwriter Jack Antonoff, have previewed their upcoming third studio LP Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night, with a new video for the album’s third single, ‘Stop Making This Hurt’.

Antonoff gets all Footloose on us by spending the video dancing around a diner. These are the greasy spoons that you’ll find in just about any city in America. These are the kinds of places I love, the authentic versions of Waffle House or IHOP, which I also love. Any place that serves breakfast all day holds a special place in my heart.

Pure pop in every sense, Antonoff obviously needs to fulfill some kid of itch that doesn’t get scratched by being behind the mixing desk. The man is responsible for some of the best upbeat music of the past decade, from his tenure as a member of Fun to his day job as a producer for Lorde, Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, and Taylor Swift.

Having his own outlet to be a pop star would seem indulgent if his music didn’t hold up to the lofty standards of his production work, but at its best, it certainly does.

‘Stop Making This Hurt’ is no exception. With a shout-sung chorus, a Bleachers speciality you’ll also find in ‘I Wanna Get Better’ and ‘Don’t Take the Money’, and a bouncy electronic buzz, also a Bleachers speciality, Antonoff wants to position himself right at the very tip of modern joy-filled indie pop.

He might also be trying to position himself as the new Bruce Springsteen, what with his references to New Jersey, his favouring of the saxophone, and his collaboration with The Boss himself on ‘Chinatown’. I’m not quite ready to give him that status just yet, but Springsteen also never bothered to produce, so Antonoff has at least got him beat there.

Check out the video for ‘Stop Making This Hurt’ down below. Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night will be released on July 30.