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Credit: Luke Farley


Blaenavon share new raw collection of tracks titled 'Demoitis'


As part of Blaenavon’s continued rise to the top of the indie tree, the band have had their ups and downs. On their most recent collection of songs, demoitis the band offer up something naked and vulnerable.

Blaenavon are a band with a lot of hype and intrigue surrounding them. The microscope, however alluring from afar, can be a tough place to be and sure enough the band’s Ben Gregory has been there and suffered because of it.

In this latest collection of tracks, Gregory is on the road to recovery “following a mental breakdown” and sees the songwriter create a new space for his music to live. It’s an album of sorts, more a collection of songs, which are rough, vulnerable and bearing their soul.

Gregory, who recently became a CALM ambassador said, “demoitis is a concept record about recovery and something of a companion piece to Everything That Makes You Happy. whilst my second album is full of angsty ballads about a young man fearing he’s on the edge of sanity, demoitis reflects on the rehabilitation process following a mental breakdown. Demoitis itself is a sensation so many artists can relate to – falling in love with the quirks and subtleties of something homely and imperfect.”

“I felt it made most sense to release this record as a complete demo album in order to let the songwriting speak for itself and to show what can be created with so few tools in the modern age. the album ends with an ode to my future child and the wish to ensure they pursue the things that make them happy in their lives: for me it’s music. enjoy”

It’s w worthwhile pursuit for Gregory who is only gathering extra gravitas as his music progresses. Listen below to Blaneanvon’s demoitis and forget it’s Monday.