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(Credit: Lyza Renee)


Black Pumas share cover of 'Sugar Man' by Rodriguez

Black Pumas - 'Sugar Man'

Black Pumas have shared an outrageously stunning cover of ‘Sugar Man’ by Rodriguez.

The Austin duo has started 2021 in an equally magnificent way to last year, which saw them breakthrough and have a year not to forget. Despite releasing their eponymous debut album in 2019, the record especially caught fire last year as many people discovered the brilliance of Black Pumas. In November their year was rounded off in terrific style when they received Grammy Award nominations for Record of the Year and Best American Roots Performance. Their self-titled debut also picked up a nomination for Album of the Year.

After a performance on Fallon earlier this week, Black Pumas have now delighted fans with a beautiful treat in the form of a delicious cover of ‘Sugar Man’ by Rodriguez. This release is part of the Spotify Singles series, which sees artists perform a rendition of one of their songs and a cover of their choice. Blending the words of Rodriguez with Black Pumas fits exceptionally. The duo gives the song a soulful facelift that sees singer Eric Burton put in another remarkable vocal performance that explains why the band are continuing to capture hearts all over.

Black Pumas don’t attempt to replicate Rodriguez’s 1970 track and, instead, they moulded it into their sonic universe. Guitarist Adrian Quesada commented: “‘Sugar Man’ is one of those songs we’ve both been attracted to for years, from Rodriguez’s songwriting and performance to the production of Dennis Coffey, it’s inspired us in more ways than one and is one of those true timeless pieces of music. It was a total blast to dissect it and reinterpret in our voice.”

This release is an exemplary cover in every sense, Black Pumas pay tribute to Rodriguez and keep the message of the track intact without copying the mysterious singer-songwriter. They breathe new life into ‘Sugar Man’ by adding joyous backing vocals and turning the tempo up a few notches that make the duo’s version glow.

Take a listen, below.