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Credit: Dan Kendall


How Black Midi and Ed Sheeran found themselves in bizarre grime beef

The last couple of weeks has seen the Godfather of Grime, Wiley, embroiled within a constant Twitter back and forth with Stormzy which resulted in the pair releasing two diss tracks aimed at each other. The cynical among us may, of course, correlate the convenient timing of this war of words to the impending release of Wiley’s new album Godfather III.

As the grime duo’s beef now seems to have settled down, with Wiley removing himself from social media while Stormzy’s second diss track, ‘Still Disappointed’, remains on course to crack the Top 40 this week in Britain. Now, South London’s Black Midi wants a slice of the diss track pie as they take aim at Ed Sheeran with the release of the aptly titled song ‘ded sheeran’.

The track, which was swiftly deleted from the band’s official Soundcloud page shortly after they posted it, has since been uploaded by a fan to YouTube so you can still enjoy it at your pleasure.

The comical track includes samples from Britney Spears and some of the lyrics snarled by Black Midi drummer Morgan Simpson don’t make for kind hearing if you’re Sheeran: “Ed Sheeran sucks / you sellout ginger prick / your music is doodoo, believe me man we don’t need you,” is a typical example of the tone set.

One verse suggests that the Black Midi drummer has been venting up his hatred for Sheeran for years, referencing an incident involving his drumsticks: “Hahaha my name’s Ed Sheeran/ Look at me in my jeans and white t-shirt with my acoustic guitar plugged into my loop pedal/ Oh my god you greedy piece of shit man!/ Fuck you man /How how are you gonna do that?/ You’re just taking everyone’s money/ Remember that time at The Windmill/ When you took my shit, when you took my drumsticks?/ Yeah, fuck you.”

Now we have to sit back and see if Sheeran has a response for the Mercury-nominated experimenters or at least sends him a new pair of drumsticks and as an apology.

For now, here’s the track.