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(Credit: Daniel Topete / Press)


Black Midi take Japanese-exclusive song 'Cruising' worldwide

English experimental band Black Midi gave a special addition to their fans in the land of the rising sun on their recent LP Cavalcade: a bonus track called ‘Cruising’ that was only available on the Japanese edition of the album.

The nebulous, free-floating track does what all the best Black Midi songs do: bring in elements of jazz, electronica, and punk rock, mix them liberally, through in some chromatic freakouts, and jam it all home. Black Midi is one of those bands that sound this close to being accessible and ever-so-slightly mainstream rock, but then that would ruin the good thing they have going. Namely: wild and highly unsettling art-rock.

Dig, if you will, the gentle background saxophones or the barely intelligible vocals that range from mumbling random syllables to haunting melodies. Enjoy the guitar stabs that are discordant and jarring, because that’s the whole point. Love the occasional moments when it sounds like the drums just fell down a set of stairs. All these elements are essential to the Black Midi experience, as is the slow-burning arrangement that builds to an eventual explosion.

If you’re the kind of person who finds all of this a bit too off-putting and just wants some good time party music that won’t make your friends thinks you’re secretly a serial killer, then ‘Cruising’ will not convert you. But Black Midi are a fantastically bizarre band worth your time and attention, even if it’s just when you’re feeling extraordinarily shitty and need music that will match your confusion and discombobulated state.

Check out the audio for ‘Cruising’ down below.