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Black Honey confidently give us ‘Somebody Better’

When we were first introduced to Black Honey, a while back, we were excited with the promise they held. The band had a raw power which is not easy to teach and even harder to learn – they had a seventies swagger and weren’t shy about how they used it. Their newest track ‘Somebody Better’ sees a slight diversion from this.

The track is polished and confident. It strides across the stage with the pomp of a band looking to now make their name rather than be an ‘also-ran’. They have taken their swagger and added a little attention to detail and a lot of bursting guitar.

‘Somebody Better’ sees the band announce themselves on the larger stage and the combination of Phillips’ vocal performance coupled with very clever lyrics means they should do exactly that. With this kind of back-up Black Honey should be the sweetest thing this summer.