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Black Dice return from decade-long hiatus with 'White Sugar'


Brooklyn noise rock institution Black Dice have returned to announce their first album in nine years, Mod Prig Sic. The band have previewed the upcoming release with the new single ‘White Sugar’.

Black Dice, helmed by brothers Eric and Bjorn Copeland, established themselves in the 2000s freak folk/psychedelic noise/electronica scene of the East Coast of theUnited States. If you’re looking for a reference point for the uninitiated, their closest comparison and peers would probably be Animal Collective, the Baltimore-based band that also wields a similarly experimental and highly synthetic sound.

If nothing else, Black Dice are a band that can keep you on the edge of your seat. Their last LP, 2012’s Mr. Impossible, is a calamitous and cacophonous blend of Captain Beefheart, The Residents, and Frank Zappa that can unnerve and inspire in equal measure, depending on how much patience and proclivity for bizarre and unnatural music you can personally sustain. These are not guys who are going to play the main stage of a major festival. They are a band that is almost tailor made for bad acid trips. Proceed at your own risk.

That might be a little dramatic. If the band has an established sound, a mix of distorted synth lines, rattling percussion, and humanity filtered through mechanical samples, they maintain it on ‘White Sugar’. Playing like a Moog gained sentience and got supremely pissed off, ‘White Sugar’ is everything that one would expect from a Black Dice track, nothing more and nothing less.

Black Dice are a band who have built a pedigree on refusing to – or being unable to – play into whatever current trends indicate what’s cool or not. They are a band that doesn’t just live outside of the mainstream: they live in their own world. That’s why it’s unsurprising that the band took a decade to produce new material. Time and space are relative and occasionally unmoving when you enter the realm of Black Dice.

Check out ‘White Sugar’ down below. Mod Prig Sic will be released on October 1.