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(Credit: Bjork)


Revisit Björk's rare TV appearance while performing live on 'Jools Holland'

At a time when millions of people are forced to remain home amid strict social distancing measures, we’re dipping back into the Far Out Magazine archives to get our musical fix.

Live music, during the current crisis, remains nothing but a distant dream. During a time we’re forced to channel our inner inspiration, there’s no better person to turn to than the incomparable Icelandic pop icon Björk.

A musician like no other, Björk has been expressing her creative vision on the biggest stage for decades. Having emerged in the public eye during her childhood, the musician has gone on to release nine full length studio albums in total with each one pushing new boundaries of sonic exploration.

The most recent of Björk’s records, the 2017 effort Utopia, saw the pioneering artist explore yet another dimension of her vision. “I kind of like the fact that it’s a cliché, that word […] it has a fascistic, ‘I want the world to be like this!’ feeling about it, because it’s a proposal (of) how we can live with nature and technology in the most optimistic way possible,” she once explained of the album name.

The record also marked numerous collaborative efforts, the most prominent being alongside Venezuelan record producer Arca. “I obviously saw a gigantic musician in [Arca], and I felt that [s]he had gone into my world with such elegance and dignity and interpreted it, helped me [with] what was there, that I wanted to meet on a more equal basis,” Björk said. “Of course it is my album for sure… but just as a pure musician, we decided to enter this other world and this other island which is the Arca/Björk overlap.”

The album went on to receive critical acclaim upon its release, later earning a nomination for the coveted ‘Best Alternative Music Album’ at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Given its success, the demands for promotional appearances grew to new levels. Despite that fact that Björk rarely made TV appearances, she did agree to an opportunity to feature as a musical guest on an episode of “Later… With Jools Holland.”

The performance marked Björk’s first TV performance in eight years and did so by bringing an army of flutists to perform a rendition of ‘Courtship’ which was taken from her 2017 album. For the second number, Björk went reminiscent with a performance of ‘The Anchor Song’ from her 1993 album Debut.

Björk was also joined for a very special episode by a number of artists, but it was The Breeders who shared the headline slot and also played two tracks with a performance of ‘Wait in the Car’, taken from their new album All Nerve and 1993’s ‘Cannonball’.

Watch it go down below. all four performances, here: