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Credit: YouTube


Watch a pre-fame Björk perform with her punk band, 1982


Before Björk took over the world as one of the globe’s most unique and progressive solo artists, the one we know and love today, she was involved with a wide variety of early projects that helped shape her creative vision. In fact, the pop star even released a Christmas album when she was just 11-years-old.

While most fans will know the Icelandic pop icon for her early work with The Sugarcubes, she was also part of a few other groups, one of which included the intense and energised proto-punk band Tappi Tíkarrass.

Tappi Tikarrass, whose name translates to ‘Cork the Bitch’s Ass’, were active from 1981 to 1983 and released a handful of records across that timeframe. With Björk acting as the band’s bouncing mouthpiece, the band soon became a stalwart of the burgeoning scene.

Back in ’82, with a lack of recording equipment available, footage of the band remains fairly obscure. However, we’ve managed to unearth this gem however which sees the frightfully powerful-for-such-a-young-age Björk in the spotlight and ready for war.

To separate themselves from the rest of the bands at the time, Tappi Tíkarrass created music with the idea of blending aspects of funk, rock and jazz and enjoyed a teenage Björk as their frontwoman for two years. However, the mercurial artist wouldn’t be around for too long as she left the band to create a new project with bassist Jakob Smári Magnússon and guitarist Eyjólfur Jóhannsson.

Below, you can watch a 17-year-old Björk belt out the band’s bouncy single ‘Matahari’ with the same vigour and energy she brings to all her shows to this day. It’s hard not to get hyped up as she commands the stage with the same intensity and courageousness which endears her so permanently to people’s hearts. Björk is captivating and powerful, the intensity of her performance only matched by the band’s powerful sound.

If you thought Björk was just that singer who performed ‘Oh So Quiet’ you’d be sadly mistaken. Björk is so much more. Watch footage of Björk’s pogo-ing punk performance below.