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(Credit: Focus Features)


Björk hopes more female directors will tackle Viking Age


Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk might have seemed like an odd casting choice for a new film exploring the Viking Age, especially after not doing much on-screen work for over a decade. However, the Icelandic artist recently starred in Robert Eggers’ new epic The Northman as a whispering Seeress predicting the future of her co-star Alexander Skarsgård.

After she attended the Icelandic premiere of the film, Björk took to social media to share some of her thoughts about Viking Age films like this one: “So proud to be part of this,” she wrote. “I would like to thank Robert Eggers, Sjón and Robin Carolan to invite me and dóa on this adventure! I am beyond grateful! And thanks to James Merry for supporting me and Alexander for being a graceful co-actor. It feels good to finally see one’s roots treated with imagination, intelligence and quality. (omg I LOVED the mjötviður mær passages)”.

She continues: “Modern archaeology reveals more and more that this period was full of culture, textiles, poetry, music, fertility and humour, it wasn’t all just war … I hope this is an encouragement for female directors to take on this period here is a humble hope that my partake in this planted a seed that may grow in that direction !! I summon that tree !!”.

Björk put her message out loud and clear, more women in the Viking Age! Whether the singer herself will be involved in further projects of the like remains to be seen, as she has teased the idea of dropping another album this summer.

However, if you want to catch The Northman, it hits theatres on April 22nd, and you can find the official trailer down below.