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(Credit: Björk)


Björk hints at a summer release for new album

Although Icelandic singer Björk has been working on her 10th solo album for some time, it looks like the album should have a release date. The avant-garde artist is confident that the record will emerge in 2022, and it may come out as early as the summer. 

“I’m finishing [the new album] now, and it should probably come out in the summer,” the singer informed LA Weekly

Adding: “It’s always really hard for me to describe the album while I’m still making it. It isn’t until a few months later that I can look in the mirror and pretend there was a logic to it the whole time.”

Likening the album to “a man who was headbanging, then sat down again and had another glass of red wine, and everyone is home by 10 o’clock, done with the dancing and everything,” the artist clearly views it as an integral part of her trajectory and movement. 

“Waking up every day in my bed, always so surprised and grounded and calm,” she said. “We as Icelanders are very lucky because we are doing pretty well compared to other nations that have had to deal with this pandemic.”

Rather than remember the pandemic with grim affection, the vocalist relished the chance to spend time in her home. “I managed to write a whole album without travelling breaks, which felt absolutely delicious!” she told LA Weekly. “I haven’t stayed so much home since I was 16 – loved it!”

Having performed a series of orchestral concerts in her home country, Björk now intends on bringing the musicians on a tour across Europe. She will also be performing Cornucopia, based on the singer’s 2017 album Utopia, and will be her first official theatrical concert tour. 

These shows will be performed at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on January 26th, 29th and February 1st. The theme is prescient to the pandemic. 

“It’s more a state of mind,” she told The Mercury News. “If you are happy and that is enough. Obviously, the songs are very different – very, very different subject matter. But maybe what unites all of the songs on “Utopia” is that it is sort of about surviving after the pollution.”