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(Credit: Björk)


Björk and Jesse Kanda appear in new documentary 'Work In Progress'


Björk and Jesse Kanda are the subjects of the first episode of Work in Progress, a new documentary series from WeTransfer. It not only includes some early Björk footage—which we are a little partial to—but also dissects the Icelandic music scene and more.

The short doc, directed by Vivek Vadoliya, sees the two discuss not only their ways of working, the themes that inspire them and the Reykjavik music scene, but is also the first video interview of Kanda.

“Our mission at WeTransfer is to enable the effortless transfer of ideas. With 75% of our users being creatives, we are constantly striving to empower creative minds to find inspiration and create, share and present new work,” says Global Head of Music WeTransfer’s Jamal Dauda.

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“With this series we wanted to look at how collaboration really works. We want to go beyond the standard ‘behind-the-scenes’, and tap into what creativity looks, sounds and feels like. We don’t claim to explain it, but we believe that by showing how creative minds see the worlds around them, and understand each other, we’ll window onto some of the magic and the mystery.”

Björk and Jesse Kanda had previously worked together on the video for ‘Arisen My Senses’ which featured on Björk’s latest album Utopia. The artist recently announced a new remix EP for that track, which will be released on “slug genitalia” vinyl.

Take a look at the video below via iD Magazine