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(Credit: Cristiano Del Riccio)


Björk adds another great video for ‘Notget’


Back in March, Björk added to her already impeccable video output with the spell-binding VR effort for new track ‘Notget’ being shown this year at Iceland Airwaves. The enigmatic singer has teamed up with Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton for the latest effort.

The video is typically narrative and entirely synonymous with the feeling of the song itself. Starting in a deeply clinical black and white, Björk presents herself as a somewhat damaged insect until the video bursts in to life and colour with the music moving effortlessly alongside.

The track is a hint of what may be yet to come as long-time collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang announced that the artist may be working on her new album, which had a “hopeful” and “future-facing” feel. Exciting times.