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BirdPen are after all you men in suits with ‘The Chairman’


Krautrock can sometimes be a word to put you off a band. It usually defines a band that are nowhere near actual bonafide krautrock. The real McCoy needs a message above the motoric rhythm to really hit the nail on the head. BirdPen with their new track ‘The Chairman’ are using a jack hammer for that nail.

‘The Chairman’ has the corrupted corporate machine in its crosshairs and it fires at will. Leaving tracer lines through the cuban cigar smoke and hitting pig-fucking targets at will.

The band merge a sense of energy with imperative urgency and create a song worthy of every dystopian film you’re ever likely to see. With sonic nuances ranging from Can and Neu! To contemporary artists such as BEAK> and Holy F*ck, BirdPen have something really special.

With electronic music so often concerned with escapism and the ease at which it can be achieved (with the help of a laptop and the ability to raise your hands to the crowd like some kind of spectacularly fuck-headed Christ) this dose of authentic electronica.

Sip on some revolution boys, it’s going to be a long night.