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Billy Nomates shares new track 'Heels'

Billy Nomates - Heels'
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Billy Nomates has shared her brand new fierce single, ‘Heels’.

The track is the first snippet of new music from the artist since she released her eponymous debut album last year and sees the Bristol-based singer continue where she left off by delivering another unequivocally honest effort. The rousing beat that underpins the track manages to feel both futuristic and nostalgic at the same time, whilst the lyrical delivery from Nomates couldn’t be any more relevant for now.

Nomates – whose real name is Tor Maries, swoons: “I do not do heels, Oh and the climate ain’t right, Everything that’s been coming out your mouth has been way too delicate, Ethereal and floating, spirited and effortless, I guess you have come to me at a bad time, I do not do heels, Oh and the climate ain’t right.”

There’s a euphoric feel to the track and rebellious nature to match thanks to her powerful vocals that give ‘Heels’ an edge that works well with the beat. The track is the lead single from her upcoming five-track EP, Emergency Telephone, released on March 5th through Invada Records.

Commenting about the song to NME, Maries said: “Heels is about knowing who we are. It’s about acknowledging strength under scrutiny and pressure. It’s also about how playtime feels over. Stuff’s serious.

“We don’t know how any of what’s happening ends yet. There are about 10 threats every day at any given time that feel big enough to stop you from doing anything. It’s digging for a warrior approach to keep going.”

The singer also recently appeared on the Sleaford Mods track ‘Mork N Mindy’. Their frontman, Jason Williamson, explained to Far Out last week why they recruited her on the song: “She’s a brilliant singer and really good songwriter. The lyrics are very surreal and what she does is not too dissimilar to how I approach lyrics in a lot of respects.”

Check out the video for ‘Heels’, below.