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(Credit: Alamy)


A Billy Joel biopic is being made without his participation

Billy Joel is one of the most popular music icons of his generation and a biopic is finally in the works about his life and career. According to the reports that have surfaced so far, the proposed biopic will provide insights into Joel’s artistic sensibilities by conducting a thorough examination of the beginning of his career and those early years.

The biopic will be called Piano Man and Adam Ripp has already been attached as the writer and director of this project. This film is being produced by Michael Jai White’s Jaigantic Studios which was conceptualised by White last year when he announced that he envisioned a studio district on the waterfront in New Haven.

However, the most glaring obstacle in this project has been the fact that Billy Joel himself has claimed that he doesn’t want anything to do with the brand new film about him. Joel refused to participate and did not approve the use of his name or his music in the film but the studio got the rights to the musician’s manager Irwin Mazur.

Mazur commented on the upcoming biopic: “What a dream come true! These are the real-life events I witnessed first-hand that shaped Billy from a keyboard player in the local Long Island band, The Hassles, into the iconic musician, singer-songwriter, and entertainer who thrills audiences around the world, today.”

Director Adam Ripp also revealed his enthusiasm: “Billy Joel has been a part of my life since my father signed him to his record label when I was four years old; his music is ingrained in my DNA and it’s been a dream of mine as a filmmaker to explore and celebrate the untold story of how Billy Joel became the Piano Man.”