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Billy Bragg is sending guitars to prison inmates

Esteemed musician and bastion of socialism Billy Bragg has sent a guitars to Low Moss Prison in Glasgow as part of an innovative and ongoing initiative.

The ‘New England’ singer set up the Jail Guitar Doors scheme eight years, which is trying to use music to help rehabilitate inmates.

Bragg posted a photo on his Facebook page featuring a purple acoustic branded with the Jail Guitar Doors logo, before commenting that he had just set “a dozen” to the Glasgow institution.

On the whole, reaction from his fans was positive, with most appreciating that pushing music as a way of reshaping the lives of those who have broken the law can only be a positive thing.

However, others who seemed to have slightly missed the point claimed it is wrong to “reward” those who have committed crimes.

Jail Guitar Doors is named after The Clash’s B-side to ‘Clash City Rockers’ and Bragg is constantly on the look out for donations or bands able to stage benefits concerts in order to give the average prison the £500 they need to equip in mates with instruments. To get involved contact

Patrick Davies