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(Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography)


Billie Eilish reveals new signature Fender ukulele


The artist of the moment, Billie Eilish, has announced her very own signature Fender ukulele.

Eilish’s specially designed instrument unsurprisingly includes her unique black and gold aesthetic which is officially titled the “blohsh™” pattern. The instrument retails for $299.99, it boasts being a stage-ready concert body ukulele built with a Sapele top, back and sides featuring a black matte finish.

“The ukulele was the first instrument I learned,” she said in a statement. “It’s where I started writing, and where I found new ways of writing that I had never tried before. It inspires a different kind of writing.”

“The rules of the ukulele are simple, and basically, if you know three chords you can play almost any song. I hope my Fender Signature ukulele inspires people to start playing, and start writing; anyone can do it,” Eilish added.

Due to the history of the ukulele in Hawaii, Eilish and Fender are making a donation from proceeds to the Aloha Mele Fund, a non-profit organisation that is working to support coronavirus relief efforts for Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities in Hawaii.

Watch Eilish play the instrument below.