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Billie Eilish shares her thoughts on who the next James Bond should be


With the hype surrounding the final performance as James Bond from Daniel Craig in this year’s No Time To Die, thoughts are still musing over who might take his place. Now, singer Billie Eilish has had her say.

Eilish, who made history by becoming the youngest ever artist to contribute James Bond’s theme song for the 25th edition of the longest-running film series ever, No Time To Die. Eilish’s involvement with the film has seen her enter a new fray of fandom.

While Eilish herself has grown familiar to the theorising and fandom following her blistering entrance into the music world, nothing quite compares to Bond. It means Eilish is now forever answering questions about the franchise.

The latest questions the teenager found herself answering was the one on every Bond fan’s lips, who will be the next 007? While some have suggested it should be a woman, Eilish has thrown up another Hollywood leading man for the role.

Eilish selected Michael B. Jordan as the perfect candidate to become Her Majesty’s secret weapon, 007. “Honestly, Michael B Jordan would kill that shit … I think he would kill it,” she answered when asked.

It would see the star become the first American and first black man to ever take on the role of Bond. It could be just the refresher the franchise needs after such a long time with the dreamy Daniel Craig.

No Time To Die arrives in April but we can watch the only live performance of Eilish’s eponymous theme song alongside Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer at the BRITS earlier this week.