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Credit: Teresa Sedo/Lars Crommenlinck


Billie Eilish to release live album recorded at Jack White’s Third Man Records

Billie Eilish is preparing to release a live album which was recorded at Jack Whites’ Third Man Records.

A little while back Far Out reported the news that Eilish, the 17-year-old pop sensation, performed a small invite-only acoustic set at White’s recording studio for a small audience in Nashville.

Introduced by White, who said the singer was “someone we really love, and we think is really innovative and inspiring.” Among the acoustic highlights of the 11 track set, were ‘Ocean Eyes’ (one of her first songs, recorded when she was 14), ‘Bury a Friend’ and ‘I Love You.’ She also performed her biggest hit, ‘Bad Guy’ a song which she did stumble over, and produced a wry smile as she did.

In what we thought was a small warm up show for her major tour has turned out to be something much bigger.

Before playing the set-closing ‘When The Party’s Over,’ Eilish thanked White and Third Man for hosting them and “inspiring a whole generation of people to do what they want.”

“All I ask is we all try to be just happy we’re alive, and happy that we’re breathing. That we’re here and we’re safe. That’s pretty much it, for us to all be grateful that we’re here right now.”

Now though, Eilish and Third Man have revealed their intentions to release the recording sold only at Third Man’s retail locations in Nashville and Detroit on Friday, December 6th.

The LP will be covered in one-of-a-kind artwork which was created by Eilish herself. See the clip, below.