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(Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography)


Watch Billie Eilish interviewed by a robot


Creative technologist, Nicole He, has modified the GPT-2 language model in order to propel questions toward teenage pop star Billie Eilish.

Based on the 170 million search results available online for Eilish’s name, the bot asks questions such as “What are you like?” and “What are you missing out on?”. Elsewhere, the robot does manage to accidentally name the singer ‘Billie Eyelash’ which opens the door for all the budding tribute acts out there.

While the A.I. clearly is in the development stages, it does provoke a number of interesting conversations, best demonstrated when asking Eilish: “How much of the world is out of date?” to which she responded:  “Shaming people for wearing what they want is out of date. Calling every black artist ‘urban’ is out of date.”

Discussing the latest use of the robot, its creator Nicole He said: “What I really loved hearing Billie say was that human interviewers often ask the same questions over and over,” in a tweet.

Continuing: “And she appreciated that the AI questions don’t have an agenda in the same way, they’re not trying to get anything from her.”

See the full interview, below.