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Billie Eilish makes Coachella debut and forgets lyrics: Video + Setlist


Billie Eilish lit up the Coachella stage with a rousing performance at the Californian festival.

Rolling through tracks taken from her record breaking debut album, Eilish’s unique style whipped up her cult following into a frenzy during the Saturday night slot.

Playing fan favourite tracks such as “bad guy”, “my strange addiction” and “all the good girls go to hell”, Eilish also had time to bring out Vince Staples to perform “watch & burn” but microphone issues put a dampener on that.

That wasn’t the only blip on the otherwise glittering show either. During her song “all the good girls go to hell,” Eilish seemingly forgot the words and, after humming along, said: “What the fuck are the words though!”

Find more highlights of Eilish’s performance, below.

Billie Eilish Coachella Setlist:
bad guy (Live debut)
my strange addiction (Live debut)
you should see me in a crown
watch / &burn (with Vince Staples)
wish you were gay
all the good girls go to hell (Live debut)
ilomilo (Live debut)
bury a friend
when the party’s over
Ocean Eyes