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(Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography)


Billie Eilish song 'Bad Guy' transformed with new 8D music technology


Billie Eilish’s hit song, ‘Bad Guy’, has been reworked through new audio technology and transformed with the medium of 8D music.

While millions of people are forced to remain home amid strict social distancing measures, the idea of live music feels like a distant memory. In a bid to indulge music in a different form, a new online phenomenon is sweeping the world of music as ‘8D audio’ offers a completely unique take on the sonic experience. Shifting the sound from left to right and back again, 8D music allows the listening to submerge themselves deeper into the sound of the material.

While the craze began with a universally shared WhatsApp message, which came with an accompanying house music track, has now transcended into a wide-ranging online movement with numerous iconic songs from the past being brought forward into the present. “Listen to this song with headphones (put on the 2 headphones). It is the new music of the Pentatonix, composed with 8D technology. Listen to it only with headphones,” the original message advised.

The technology, on a physiological level, attempts to tap into a sensation of hearing a binaural recording. “It will be the first time that you will listen to that song with your brain and not with your ears,” the message continues. “You will feel the music from outside and not from the headphones. Feel the effects of this new technology.”

Here, to test that notion, we’re exploring the technology through Billie Eilish’s Grammy Award-winning hit song ‘Bad Guy’. The track, which was written alongside the pop star’ brother Finneas, was released as the fifth single from Eilish’s debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and was confirmed as critical and commercial success.

“It’s like, ‘OK if you’re gonna be that then I’m gonna be all types of fake too’,” Eilish said in an interview with Rolling Stone when discussing ‘Bad Guys’ inspiration. “Great, I’m the bad type, the make your momma sad type, make your girlfriend mad type—which I’m not that, but if you can be fake with everyone and try to prove that you’re something that you’re not then I can do it too.”

She added: “I had been inspired by this song called ‘Never’ by JID and this song called ‘Stuck In The Mud’ by Isaiah Rashad that kind of stop for like five seconds in the middle and then start this new song that’s shorter. I thought it was so interesting.”

Plug in your headphones and listen to Billie Eilish in a totally new way.