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(Credit: Youtube)


Bill Murray turned up on a building site to read poetry to a group of tradesmen

In yet another tale of Bill Murray’s wholesome escapades, we revisit what might be the most sincere and wonderful moment yet as the actor reads poetry to a group of builders on a construction site.

Being an icon of the business is no easy feat. Bill Murray has made a name for himself as the most easy-going, eccentric and warmest Hollywood star you’re ever likely to meet after a series of hilarious and heartwarming events.

Whether it is the fact that he once hired an agent who is almost entirely deaf to avoid excessive phone calls, or the fact that he once took over as bartender in a New York bar in which he only served tequila shots no matter the order, or indeed inventing Shotgun Golf with the Gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson. Murray is a down-to-earth guy that connects with everyone.

Yet despite his salt-of-the-earth demeanour, Murray is a sincerely well-read shotgun golfer. The actor is often acclaimed as one of the more voracious consumers of the arts in the movie business, being an avid reader, lover of music and a theatre obsessive. It seems as though Murray is accepted on both sides of the fence.

So when the 2009 construction of Poets House was underway, and the swarms of builders, carpenters, and tradesmen needed some literary entertaining, there was only one man for the job.

Murray took the ‘stage’ to deliver three readings of some of his favourite poetry, all delivered in his typical smirking, murmuring style. Entering the clip below at the 59-second mark, Murray begins by reading Billy Collins’ Another Reason I Don’t Keep a Gun in the House.

The actor then follows on with Lorine Niedecker’s short-form poem, Poets Work, after having a small snigger at his attempt to pronounce her name. Murray finishes with a heartfelt reading of Emily Dickinson to a welcoming and engaged audience. It’s a reminder of the genuine affection and care Murray has for the arts and the people who love them.

Watch below as Bill Murray reads some of his favourite poems to a building site full of tradesmen.