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The moment Bill Murray gatecrashed a random couple’s wedding photoshoot

The wonderful antics of Bill Murray’s private life are almost becoming as popular as his on camera persona, his quirky personality growing in more infamous as the years go by.

Not long ago we reported the time when Murray managed to find himself accidentally gatecrashing a bachelor party and, as is the Bill Murray way, delivering an impromptu speech to all the young men attendance. This, and the countless other stories, are just a number of the mysterious stories which normally end with the actor himself whispering: “No one will ever believe you,” before casually strolling away.

Thankfully, for Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers, the couple who were planning on capturing their love for one another in a series of engagement photos, their story with Mr Murray is believable… even if it does seem too bizarre to be true after pictures emerged of the couple posing romantically with the actor.

Photographer Raheel Gauba, of Fia Forever Photography, posted the picture to Facebook after explaining how Murray became a distracting figure at the other side of the street. “We were walking around downtown Charleston, taking in the romance of the city and enjoying the scenery,” Gauba told the Huffington Post. “I found this staircase and asked the couple to go get comfortable. Now when I do these shoots, sometimes I get tourists whistling or making funny faces or simply congratulating the couple. When I set up Ashley and Erik, I saw this look of surprise on their faces as they looked over my shoulder.”

Gauba continued: “I asked them to look at the camera, but they just looked stunned and with his eyes, Erik motioned that I better look behind me. As I turned around to potentially ask the person distracting them to give us a moment, I see Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out and patting it — his attempt to make the couple laugh. I joined the couple in the shock and surprise of the moment. At that point, I invited him to join the couple for a quick shot and he did. So genuine and nice of him to make the couple’s day.”

Just another day in the life of Bill Murray.

Credit: Fia Forever Photography