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(Credit: Aaron Poole / ©A.M.P.A.S.)


Bill Murray performs an impromptu cover of Al Green song 'Ride Sally Ride'

Bill Murray is a bonafide cultural icon who is not only known for his brilliant performances in modern masterpieces like Lost in Translation but also for his legendary stories like stealing french fries and hiring a deaf assistant so that nobody would bother him. In his latest bout of unpredictable behaviour, Murray surprised guests in an Irish hotel.

That sounds like a set-up to a bad joke but Murray actually walked onto the stage at the elite Mount Falcon Hotel in Ballina with his son, brother and nephew. The family quartet took everyone by surprise when they decided to deliver a surreal rendition of ‘Ride Sally Ride’ by the iconic Al Green.

Murray is in Ireland with the rest of his family for the filming of a brand new golf documentary series titled The Links Life. His performance did not just impress audiences but also the musicians who were present there. Saxophonist Lorraine McDonald, who inspired Murray to clamber onto the stage, said: “He’s the coolest man alive and I got to sing with him, it was amazing.”

In a new interview with Collider, Murray confessed: “Someone recently said, ‘I saw your last movie. I hope they didn’t pay you because you were just being yourself.’ I just rattled back, ‘You know, it’s harder than you think to be yourself. Why don’t you try it sometime?’ It’s not so easy to do. That part of it is the life challenge, really.”

Adding, “I really think that I should be writing. I really do wish to be a writer. I can write in fits and spurts, and I can write some dialogue and some scenes, but to write a full-length anything is a different thing. I haven’t knuckled down. I really enjoyed directing and I thought I was gonna do it all the time because I liked it. I like working with actors and I understand actors.”

Watch the trailer for his latest project – Wes Anderson’s new film French Dispatch below.