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Credit: YouTube


Bill Murray and Aubrey Plaza star in 'The Lighthouse' parody


The brilliant Bill Murray and Parks & Recreation star, Aubrey Plaza, have been cast in a hilarious parody of the intense new Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe film The Lighthouse to promote the upcoming Film Independent Spirit Awards.

The sketch sees the two actors recreate some of the film’s most widely shared images as the two crazed lighthouse keepers stare off into the dangerous seas. With Plaza taking on Pattinson’s role and Murray picking up where Willem Dafoe left off to promote the upcoming awards.

In the clip, Murray looks off into the void with a deeply troublesome look and his pipe upside down as he reminds audiences that Plaza will be taking on the role is hosting the Film Independent Spirit Awards for the second year in a row.

As hilarious as the skit is, Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse will be one of the big pictures at the awards show. The film has been nominated for five awards including nods for both Pattinson and Dafoe as well as the coveted Best Editing and Best Cinematography gongs.

The five-star film is an intense picture that sees Dafoe and Pattinson slowly go mad as they share only each other’s company amid stormy seas. It celebrates the use of traditional 18th-century vocabulary and offers some particularly engaging scenes. Equally as engaging is Plaza and Murray’s expert parody.

Watch the IFC below: