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(Credit: Hanly Banks Callahan)


Bill Callahan shares new single 'Another Song'


Bill Callahan has shared a brand new single from his forthcoming new album Gold Record. Entitled ‘Another Song’, the track has been made available to stream through all major platforms.

Callahan’s record label Drag City has said that the song is: “A working man’s blues that are lightened by a little love in the afternoon”. What more do you really want?

Bill Callahan has shared the second new song from his album and it’s a stark reminder of the talent he possesses. The single is a delicate and vulnerable moment, as Callahan connects with his audience.

A simple voice that’s warm and comforting is always a must for any great blues song, and Callahan has that in spades. Drag City continued with their press release explaining the song’s conception.

“In the middle of the day, uninspired and back at his homestead for lunch, the narrator decides to take the rest of the day off for some afternoon delight with his partner,” the statement read.

“In loving embrace and then philosophic reverie, they look forward only to the next moment as sweet as this one.”

The track follows Callahan’s song ‘Pigeons’ and marks out Gold Record as one of the future cult-hit records from the year. It arrives on September 4th.