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(Credit: Hanly Banks Callahan)

Bill Callahan shares cover of Leonard Cohen song 'So Long, Marianne'


Bill Callahan has put his own unique spin on a Leonard Cohen classic by covering his song ‘So Long, Marianne’.

In addition to his Cohen cover, Callahan has released his own take on Lee Clayton’s classic track ‘If You Could Even Touch Her’ and, according to his record label, the material is “a balletic homage to North America’s incomparable 60s-70s songbook, offering a fine tribute to all the artists who’ve interpreted these songs in the past, sung by a master in his own era.”

They added in a statement: “Several months after the release of Shepherd In a Sheepskin Vest, Bill Callahan takes a victory lap in the country, with a cover of Lee Clayton’s classic “If You Could Even Touch Her.” Bill’s in good company here—by which we mean Willie, Waylon and George Jones, all of whom made great versions of the song.

“Even with the classic ring of steel in the mix, Bill stakes out the song and make its complexities part of his own individualistic makeup.”

Stream both tracks, below.