(Credit: Biig Piig)


Biig Piig announce new EP, release single 'Lavender'


Biig Piig, an act that my computer’s autocorrect feature despises, has shared the details on her latest EP, The Sky Is Bleeding, her follow up to 2019 effort No Place For Patience, Vol. 3 EP, and released the first single, ‘Lavender’.

Whispery and wavvy, ‘Lavender’ nevertheless shines big and bright thanks to its bass drum loop and electric guitar stabs. Articulated in her signature style, the song’s vocals are reserved to the point of sounding bored. I don’t really know how it’s possible for harmonies to sound monotone, but here we are.

The Irish singer is one of those artists that just seems to have an aura of coolness around her at all times. Originally a Soundcloud artist, Biig Piig, real name Jessica Smyth, signed to RCA records in 2019 and has been putting out a steady stream of singles since. The Sky Is Bleeding will be another chance for the public to key into the more intimate side of the artist.

The Sky Is Bleeding is a project that I’ve let myself be free and open about situations and fantasies of mine that I haven’t touched on before,” Biig Piig explains “My sexuality and secrets I wanted to take the listener as close as I could to some of the intimate and vulnerable places I go alone.”

We’ve heard a decent amount from Biig Piig over the past few months. First came the single ‘Feels Right’ at the tail end of last year. Then, the Spanish-infused song ‘Cuenta Lo’ to kick off 2021, and finally a team up with Emotional Oranges on the track ‘Body & Soul’. Now with details for The Sky is Bleeding coming to the fore, it seems like we’ll have plenty Biig Piig to listen to for the foreseeable future.

Check out the official video for ‘Lavender’ down below. The Sky Is Bleeding is set for a May 21st release.