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(Credit: Big Thief)


Big Thief share the beautiful new track 'Love In Mine'

After Big Thief released two albums in 2019 with U.F.O.F and Two Hands one would have been forgiven for thinking they may have been tapped out.

Yet Adrianne Lenker and her band still have some aces to play and today Big Thief have released the brand new single ‘Love In Mine’. It’s yet another reason why Lenker and co. are so highly regarded.

Even two weeks ago the group shared a set of previously unheard 2018 demos in benefit of their touring crew whose livelihoods have been stopped in their tracks. It saw three previously unreleased songs as well as two songs that appeared on Lenker’s solo album abysskiss.

Now, Big Thief are back with yet another song and this one is as beautiful as ever. ‘Love In Mine’ has been released as a standalone single after previously failing to make it into the final cut of Two Hands.

The Texas sessions provided some arresting material and perhaps none more so than ‘Love In Mine’. However, the song is a raw and poignant track that is delicately poised between the ethereal and attainable.

At one moment feeling as warm as a cat in the kitchen sun and at others sounding incredibly vulnerable and innocent. As ever, Lenker’s vocal reigns supreme and leaves you completely and utterly captivated.

You can listen to Big Thief’s ‘Love In Mine’ below