Big Deal - Dream Machines


As the summer draws to a close music becomes a sort of soundtrack to the changing of the season, the nights draw in earlier and last far longer making the days seem somewhat darker and more dreary, today’s track of the day is Dream Machines from transatlantic alternative rockers Big Deal and fits this transition impeccably.

With a more ethereal tone to previous releases from the band you’ve got an almost shoegaze quality going on here, a sound giving a nod to a lot of nineties alternative rock acts such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth. The otherworldly style doesn’t end with the musicality of the piece, with the lyrics of the chorus referring to the dreams of lead singer Alice Costelloe dropping out and wondering if it will matter if she’s still around. The song is filled with life lessons showing the staggering lyrical maturity of the 18 year old singer of the song.

“What you needed and what you chose, you can’t have both” Big Deal – Dream Machines

With such an eclectic combination of styles shown by the band within this song alone it’s difficult to limit them to just one genre, there’s elements of gothic rock as well as garage rock revival, the rudimental drumming style is reminiscent of Meg White’s work with The White Stripes, it’s a high bred combination of styles which makes something truly different that works superbly.

In essence this track is something that will invoke nostalgia in fans of the early nineties American music scene while gathering new fans looking for something different to the norm, Big Deal have created a piece of music which defies genres with its intelligent and thought provoking lyricism from writers who have huge passion for the music they’re producing.


Aaron Chick.