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Credit: Ralph Arversen/EMI


Big Boi suggests a Kate Bush collaboration may be on the way

Outkast rapper Big Boi has always had a lot of love for the British artist Kate Bush. Once citing the star as his dream collaborator, it appears as though that dream is quickly becoming a reality.

The rapper, who travelled to London in 2014 to see Bush perform live, revealed in a new interview that the two musicians enjoyed dinner with one another.

Big Boi, taking his fandom to new levels, once tweeted a record he had signed by the artist in 2017 and has always cited her as an inspiration. It has always begged the question, why don’t they work together?

The question may soon be about to be answered.

In a new interview with SiriusXM, Big Boi revealed: “At the end of the show, she invited me and my wife back to the dressing room to have a glass of wine. Not long after that, we hooked up and went to dinner. Just me and her had a sit-down for a couple hours.”

He continued: “She introduced me to Armagnac – I don’t know, it’s a almond cognac or something like that? We threw some back. We had a good old time, man. She’s really a sweet lady.”

Asked about the potential of collaboration, Big Boi simply said: “Stay tuned. Just stay tuned… I can’t even talk about it right now!”

Perhaps the wait is over and Big Boi Kate Bush collaboration we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner.